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We are living in a fast paced world. We are continually stimulated and it is difficult to find quiet time for ourselves. When you enter our website we want you to take a deep breath and enjoy your visit. We want you to take your time to explore our website and take pleasure in all the goodness we have to offer. We have tried to create a virtual oasis where you can relax without being pushed to do anything else but enjoy yourself.

Our products are always fresh. They are lovingly made by hand. We do not waste your money on excessive packaging but focus on the quality and purity of the ingredients we use. Whenever possible we use organic ingredients of the finest quality.

We do not use parabens, synthetic preservatives, mineral oils, artificial fragrances or colorings. Our hand cream, facial creams and baby products do not contain phthalates. We believe that natural ingredients do the job. And in our experience they are superior to today’s chemical concoctions. Our products do not need a 2 year shelf life. They are always freshly made and are shipped directly to you. We list each and every ingredient we use in our products.

Also, we want your experience with us to be of the highest degree and that is why we are offering FREE shipping to all of our clients living in the U.S. or Canada AND we are going to money-back guarantee your product for life, so there won’t be be any rush to properly evaluate it!

Our Story

I believe that Mother Nature has given us everything we need in order to care for our skin. The products are always fresh and made by hand. I hope that you will enjoy their quality, purity and freshness.


All the ingredients used come from organic or wild crafted sourced ingredients; local where possible. There are absolutely no preservatives, mineral oils, artificial fragrances or colorings in any of the products.


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