Fruit Gel Cleanser for Men


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A refreshing fruit gel with essential oils that care for men’s skin. Together with the aftershave splash or toner this cleanser provides a complete, efficient and simple skin care program for men.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Vegetable derived Glycerin, Witch Hazel Extract, Fruit pectin, Raw honey, *Bergamot, *Cedarwood, *Lavender, Sandalwood essential oils / Eau distille, Glycérine végétale, Extrait d’Hamamélis, Pectine de Fruit, Miel cru, *Huiles essentielles de *Bergamote, *Cèdre Bois, *Lavande, Bois de Santal

An asterix * denotes an organic ingredient

For Best Results: Pump a small amount of Fruit Gel Cleanser onto a cotton pad. Gently apply to damp or dry skin, massage onto your neck and face. Do NOT rinse off! Use in the morning and evening.


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