Facial Clay Mask (Normal Skin)


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Masks are beneficial for all skin types and leave your skin feeling happy. They restore color to the skin and improve texture. Clay removes impurities and helps to firm and tighten. Kelp provides nutrients essential to skin health. Essential oils targeted to specific skin types kick it up a notch. These masks are easy to apply at home. You will love the feel of it on your face and throat. Great for a Spa Night at home with friends or family. And… men like it too!

Ingredients: White clay, kelp, lavender essential oil, camomile essential oil / Argile blanche, varech, l’huile essentielle de lavande, huile essentielle de camomille.

For Best Results: After using the facial Fruit Gel Cleanser, take a teaspoon of clay and mix with a little filtered water in the palm of your hand or a small dish until a soft paste consistency is reached. Apply the mask with your hands or a soft makeup sponge onto face and throat. Relax for 20 minutes and remove any residue with a warm moist face cloth. Follow-up with Toner, Skin Serum and one of our moisturizers.

You can also mix in a dab of unpasteurized honey or aloe. You can also substitute Kombucha or some witch hazel for the water!

For normal skin, use up to once a week.


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