abprecious Comments Off on Sesame Oil

What? When sesame oil is added to skin care products, it forms a barrier on the skin’s surface. Used in items from sunscreens and skin cleansers to lipstick and moisturizers, sesame seed oil has a unique ability to soften skin, lips and hair. And since it holds moisture in, sesame oil can help your skin stay hydrated. Because oils aren’t usually recommended for people with oily skin, sesame oil might be better suited for people with normal or dry skin types.

Why? Sesame oil has been used as a healing oil for thousands of years. It is mentioned in the Vedas as being excellent for humans. It is naturally antibacterial for common skin pathogens, such as staphylococcus and streptococcus as well as common skin fungi, such as athlete’s foot fungus. It is naturally antiviral and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.