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What? This fruit is a substantial source for dietary fibre. Regularly eating fibre helps you feel fuller for longer, which reduces your desire or need to eat more food, assisting in weight loss. It helps to re-balance the skin and is widely used in skin care products, as it aids in refining the texture of the skin and is used as an antiseptic and a cell rejuvenator. The essential oil has sweet, oranges and lemons smell and is sedative, digestive and has a calming effect. Mandarin oil fights all types of skin infections.

Why? Whenever the talk is of saving the skin from various skin disrupting and destroying agents, then it has to nothing else than mandarin essential oil. The oil is blessed with agents that fight all kinds of skin infections and diseases. Mandarin Essential Oil is a medicinal essential oil, skin care oil, anxiety oil and psycho-aromatherapy oil. Some properties of the oil include antiseptic, antispasmodic, digestive, diuretic, sedative and tonic. The oil is used for acne, insomnia, oily skin, scars, spots, wrinkles, and muscle spasms. Mandarin essential oil is also used to help stress. The oil of mandarin oranges also improves the circulation of blood and lymph, particularly below the skin, which keeps the skin rejuvenated and looking young and vibrant.